Saturday, March 6, 2010

Afro-Colombian Mural: Currulao y Desplazamiento

The “Afro-Colombian Mural: Currulao y Desplazamiento”on U Street in Washington DC celebrates the strong and vibrant Afro-Colombian culture. It has been painted by DC based muralist Joe Bergner, with the sponsorship of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Even though Afro Colombian communities were in the middle of the war between the government armed forces, the paramilitary, the guerrillas, drug cartels and other delinquents, they have always chosen peace before violence. Even today, they still hope for a better future with peace for all Colombians, and they use their rich culture to keep that hope alive no matter how difficult it can be. The size of the woman and people below her show the importance of culture and community plays a major role in their life. The colors are vibrant, warm, inviting, and welcoming. The positive images are shown against the presence of the paramilitary forces of Colombia. You see the community members fleeing from these forces. It is meant to educate the public about the widespread displacement and other human rights issues related to the armed conflict.

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